December 28, 2017

It’s 4 am, and I just returned from Italy yesterday. Between the excitement for the collection and jet lag, it is difficult to sleep. When approaching shoe makers with my project, I was met with fear and disbelief. Change is difficult for all of us, but it is particularly difficult for shoe makers. I feel so blessed to have connected with many talented artisans, without who’s help, my dream of a new shoe construction would not become a reality. Please meet Maurizio, a 3rd generation shoe maker and talented shoe designer. Maurizio embraced my ideas and sees the potential for making a difference for women all around the world. Perhaps even more importantly, he has become a good friend.  While I am proud of the product, it is the people who I meet along the way that make this journey so special. We are both passionate people, who understand each others perfectionism. I am lucky to have met him!

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