September 16, 2018

As a little girl growing up in New York, Bloomingdale’s represented more than just a department store to me. It was emblematic of what I aspired to be: a stylish girl who would grow into a sophisticated, independent, fashionable woman. It was always a special occasion to make the trip from Long Island to the Big City, to the iconic store on 59th Street. One time when I was feeling down, my mom knew just how to cheer me up. She took me to get new underwear with the signature “Bloomie’s” logo on the back. I loved being branded a “Bloomie’s girl.” I’m so excited to be a Bloomie’s girl once again, this time with my own products on the shelves.

I am thrilled to announce that Bloomingdale’s will be selling my shoes for a limited time in select stores, initially in the iconic 59th Street NYC location, as well as in San Francisco. We will be holding trunk shoes in a few other cities, including Chestnut Hill, Mass and Chevy Chase, Maryland. I am excited that all Bloomingdales’ loyalists will have access to my shoes through their online store, as well!  This is an amazing opportunity to bring my shoes to more women, and I am so grateful. From my own humble beginnings of working in my dad’s retail shoe store, to shopping for shoes for myself, to treating thousands of patients with debilitating foot problems as a podiatric surgeon, I have observed the harmful effects of high heels for decades. Enough is enough. We, as women, have accepted the notion that beauty is pain for too long. There is finally a better option- a shoe that can take you from your morning meeting to your evening party. Bloomingdale’s shoppers are women (and men) who are not afraid to disrupt the status quo, and therefore, I look forward to this meaningful partnership.

Please share this wonderful news with your shoe-loving friends and family. Your support means everything to this Bloomie’s girl. I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of a beautiful summer. Keep dancing!



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