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How To Take Care For Your High Fashion Shoes?

Joan Oloff Shoes are handcrafted in Italy, using the highest quality leathers, suede and other materials. To help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your shoes, they should be cared for with the relevant products. Always test a small non-visible area first.



Leather Shoes: Remove dust and dirt with a neutral leather cream prior to cleaning .


Suede Shoes:Remove any marks and dust with a crepe brush.


Fabric Shoes:Remove dust and dirt with a rubber brush or fabric foam cleaner.


Decorated Shoes:Be very careful not to damage beads and crystals, use delicate tools.


Leather Soles:A leather sole will wear away (even under normal conditions) making it necessary to resole regularly.  Leave wet shoes to dry naturally (never by artificial heat). Use a shoetree to maintain the shape of your shoes.


Heels:Do not allow your  heels' replacable top pieces to wear down. They should be replaced regularly by a good shoes repairer. Wearing shoes on very uneven surfaces or when driving may weaken or damage the shoe.


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