December 28, 2017


This past week, we were invited to participated in a runway show held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The Arthritis Foundation had approached me with the opportunity to pair my shoes with Karen Caldwell Designs. Karen is an incredibly talented Bay Area treasure whose designs have been featured in film and television. This represented my first venture into the world of live runway shoes. When I entered the chaotic backstage world before the event, I noticed all of the girls getting their finishing touches for hair and make-up. being finalized. Several assistants were busy matching up my shoes for sizes and clothing. I couldn’t help but wonder if I these shoes would ever be paired back into their boxes. Shoes were flying all over the place! Once the assistants found their respective shoes, my job was done and I took my seat at my table. I was so grateful when I realized that I had a ringside seat, right at the end of the runway! I felt like a proud mom, seeing my children all dressed up for the public to see. What a moment! I took some pics and video of the event. Please accept my apologizes for the camera skills, but I think you will be able to see how stunning Karen’s designs are. This footwear collection also shows the world that women no longer have to sacrifice their feet for fashion. Whether you have arthritis or not, your feet deserve better! Most of these styles are still available on our website. Please check them out! You can continue to help the Arthritis Foundation AND get a 10% discount on the website. Simply use the coupon code “FightArthritis” at checkout to receive the discount. We will also donate 10% back to the Arthritis Foundation. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth Folger, who chaired this incredible event;, Kim Mercado, who works in the San Francisco office for the Arthritis Foundation;, and all of the hard working staff and board members throughout the country. xo Joan

p.s. In the end I'd like to remind everyone how important it is to take good care of your feet, wear comfortable shoes and live a healthy lifestyle. Treat your feet well and they'll keep going!

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