Las Vegas, Here We Come!

December 28, 2017

It just seems like yesterday that I returned from Italy, working on the samples. Now, my new shoes have been created and I'm off to the FN Platform Show in Las Vegas, Aug19-21,to proudly show off the new line. My sales team has already been taking the shoes out to some independents. This has lead to some early sales and good reviews (yea!). My favorite part of this journey has been connecting with some incredible people, many of whom have similar backgrounds to mine. Maurizio, one of our factory owners was jumping up and down like a little boy when he first showed me the shoes! He is (almost) as passionate about this concept as I am! With a team of talented, passionate individuals, there is nothing we won't be able to accomplish. blue pump - Joan Oloff Shoes It's still early, but I am excited about the future. There is no shortcut to the hard work, but it has also been a fun ride. When we come back from Las Vegas, we will work on putting up our online store. Please continue to follow the journey! Thanks!!!    Grazie!!! xo Joan  

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