December 28, 2017

On Monday morning Dr. Joan Oloff was interviewed by Good Morning America on high heels, foot health, and rethinking fashion’s approach to heels. On traditional women’s heels, Dr. Oloff says that “[traditional] high fashion women's shoes are abusive....the idea that pain is something that's natural makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and women are finally realizing that no, I don't want to hurt,". From this realization and the desire to change women’s choices, the Joan Oloff brand was born. She went on to say that, “One of our very first approaches to correcting the pain from high heels was to minimize the angle of the heel. We did this by adding a small, hidden platform under the ball of the foot.” When women wear traditional heels their body weight is pushed to the ball of the foot. In Joan Oloff shoes, a woman’s “weight is evenly distributed throughout the foot," says Dr. Joan Oloff to Good Morning America. "Because your entire foot is sharing that load, you don't fatigue, the muscles don't fatigue. You don't get hip pain. You don't get knee pain. You don't get lower back pain." says Dr. Joan Oloff. Our X-ray images of a woman’s foot in a traditional heel compared to one in a Joan Oloff shoe speaks for itself. When body weight is pushed to the ball of the foot, the toes contract and the foot becomes unstable. In a Joan Oloff shoe "there’s no pressure on the ball of the foot. The metatarsal is at a stable position and because it's stable, the toes lies flat." To see the interview and read more watch below: