December 28, 2017

What a night! Ok, I have to admit I was scared to death to introduce my new “baby” to all of my local peeps. The invited list included friends, family, nurses, doctors, and patients. I am SO GRATEFUL to everyone who showed up to celebrate! Without a doubt, my favorite part of the event was watching the expressions on women’s faces when they tried on our shoes for the first time. My attention has been focused on making these shoes the best that they can be. I rarely have the luxury of taking the time to sit back and enjoy the end result. I was able to do this at our event at the Bellagio Hotel a few weeks ago. This time, every sensory system in my body was able to take it all in. I was thrilled! To be honest, it was a welcome break from the world of insole production, leather selections, factory meetings, and all of the “real work” that goes into creating my shoes. Many thanks to everyone who helped put the event together. This includes Eva Vorontsova, Natalie Portwood, Dr. Kelly Nix, Artisan Wine Depot, and Linda and Joe Prang, Chelsea Madison, Grisel Contreras, and Catrina Frazier. My thoughts originally were to have a one time event. People keep asking me to create more events. After much thought, I’ve decided to hold more events and provide more shoes for sale! Please let me know what you would like us to do in the future! I love parties, I love shoes, and I love to talk about shoes!!! We’ll keep you posted about the details!!! Xo, Joan los gatos reception