December 28, 2017

Building a new shoe line is a rather time consuming task. There is so much to do, that there is little time to indulge in reflection. This new year, I took off a day and half from work to spend in nature. I watched two amazing sunsets and spent most of New Year’s Day hiking. What great backdrops for reflection these places provided me! What this past year has taught me is that women all around the world share my dream of wearing beautiful shoes which are equally as comfortable! I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me with your feedback and words of encouragement. You continue to inspire me to create the best shoes possible on a daily basis! People are finding us! We have had new customers from around the world reach out to us. This year, we will showcase our new collection in the fashion center of the universe, Milan, Italy! Think good thoughts, wish me luck, and tell all of your friends about our shoes! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Most of all, please sign up on the website! I want to keep you posted about my progress and I especially want to hear from you after you try my shoes! Thank you for a great beginning…..and look out 2015, here we come!!! 2015 - Joan Oloff Shoes

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