Fame Gold Metallic Luxury Kid Nappa ─ $295

Gold Metallic


Introducing Fame! Fame is our newest luxury sandal, created on our 80mm construction. Fame is like having a luxurious high fashion sandal with custom orthotics built into it! You will love wearing Fame for everything, from daytime to black tie events! 

Fame features an 80mm mid-heel and a thin, ankle strap. Available in three colors - Black Kid Suede, Whiskey Kid Suede, and Gold Metallic Luxury Kid Nappa.
  • Type: Luxury sandal, mid-heel
  • Material: Gold Metallic Luxury Nappa, soft leather lining
  • Fit: True to size (all sizes are based on US sizing)
  • Heel Height:  80mm heel 
  • Toe Style:  Opened toe  
Like all of our heels, Fame is constructed with our patented insole technology which:

1. is shaped more like the human foot
2. offloads the ball of the foot
3. supports both the medial longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot
4. covers the entire insole board with a medical grade shock absorbing foam

Podiatrist designed insole provides arch support, even weight distribution, and shock absorption for comfort.


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