FN Platform Shoe Show In Las Vegas Was Magic!

December 28, 2017

Interplatform Shoe - Joan OloffLas Vegas can certainly be a crazy place! I learned that the alcohol consumption on flights to Las Vegas is twice that of other flights. I'm not sure if I would be proud of this fact if I lived in Las Vegas, but it was a statistic provided on the evening news. The FN Platform Shoe Show is a huge show. My "newbee" status was evident in my booth, which stated "new to show" above my name. The environment was electrifying, with so many brands and people involved. The most difficult part of my day was trying to sit still in my booth. Frankly, I'm just not a good sitter. My team was kind enough to unleash me to walk around and explore the rest of the show. My favorite part of the show was the great people I met, representing retail stores from all over the US. Many of these hard working people reminded me of my dad and my uncles. Their stores are an integral part of their family dynamic. I met husbands and wives, dads and kids, and even a granddaughter proudly walking the show with her grandparents. At it's core, the shoe business is a family business. It always was and, I sense, it always will be. I am grateful to these new people who I've met who are going to bringing in our line. They validate my belief that the world is ready to embrace a beautiful high heel shoe that is engineered for comfort! Ok USA, we'll soon be coast to coast. Here we come!!!